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Have Your Own Bible Institute


Trinity provides a comprehensive on site and external study program allowing the student to have concentration in areas such as : Bible, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, Theology, and General Biblical Study.

The Bible Institute serve as a outreach program to educate every member in your local church. We know, everyone is not able to attend college full or part-time for many different reason. Through the Bible Institute, each church can offer a quality education program to their members. Each course has been proven to be effective in providing the knowledge needed to carry out God’s will in the lives of those called into Christian service. Care has been taken to make each course both academic and practical.

Occasionally one finds a ministry that is being use of God to equip and train Christian leaders, to win the lost for Christ. The academic program of Trinity has proven to have a strong commitment to the Word of God, and equipping future Christian leaders. We believe you have just found such a ministry.


Trinity Bible Institute Information


What is the Trinity Bible Institute

A Trinity Bible Institute is an individual, organization or congregation that conducts religious training programs in cooperation with the Trinity Bible College & Seminary. These programs are conducted in a manner that meets the standards required to receive course credit from Trinity Bible College & Seminary. All students enrolled in the Trinity Bible Institute are considered Distance Education students of Trinity Bible College & Seminary.

Trinity Bible Institute coursework for the following awards:

* One Year Certificate

* Two Year Diploma

Bible Institute with special authorization may facilitate a third year Associate of Arts in Ministry.

Note: No Trinity Bible Institute has the right to print any certificates, diplomas, degrees, or transcripts. All certificates, diplomas and degrees are issued by Trinity Bible College & Seminary. Any Bible Institute who does not adhere to this policy will be subject to losing their affiliate status.

While Trinity Bible College & Seminary may be accredited, individual Bible Institute are not accredited themselves. Although you may be approved as an official Bible Institute, the term “extension” is incorrect. Trinity Bible College & Seminary do not have extension campuses, extension centers, extension sites, or extension schools. Please use the term institute in your promotions.

Each Institute decide the leadership of their program, when classes are held, and who will teach the courses. Trinity Bible College & Seminary is always available for guidance and advice. All facilitators must be approved by Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible Institute Department, to whom the institute will report.


Bible Institute Faith Pledge

Each Bible Institute agrees to designate one time within each calendar year to present the school to the local church and receive an offering for the expansion of Trinity Bible Institute.

Trinity Bible College & Seminary Institute Department Provides:

* The structure and curriculum for the educational program.

* Study guide, syllabus, course outline, examinations and other materials

for each course, which may be purchased through Trinity Bible College &

Seminary Book Store.

* An academic advisor to assist you developing your program.

Who Facilitates?

All facilitators are certified through Trinity Bible College & Seminary, you nominate the facilitators who share our vision. The curriculum provided by Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible Institute is self contained and designed for self study, though many Bible Institute facilitate students using traditional classroom methods. All Bible Institute students are considered Distance Education students of Trinity Bible College & Seminary.

When are classes held?

Classes can be held at any time, at your discretion.

Can courses be substituted?

Courses may be substituted in the first two years of the program. The academic committee of Trinity Bible College & Seminary will review each course submitted for consideration. Approval must be obtained before a course can be substituted for credit. Contact the Director of Trinity Bible Institute to request the appropriate paperwork for course substitution.

Students Records:

Each Trinity Bible Institute must keep complete student records and course documents for each student. In addition, the following student information must be sent to the Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible Institute Department:

* The original Application Packet for each student within 14 days of

the students being accepted. Note: a photocopy of the entire

application packet must be retained by the Bible Institute.

* A Registration Report for each course within 14 days after

registrations is complete.

* A Grade Report at the end of each course for Trinity Bible College

& Seminary to record the grades on the student’s permanent record.

Affiliate Center Administration:

Local church or Ministry Leadership designates a Dean and Registrar with Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible Institute Department for approval. The Dean may hold one or more positions of responsibility. Typical positions in Administration are:

* Director

* Dean

* Registrar

* Facilitators

The Director is the primary Trinity Bible College & Seminary contact person. This person is responsible to the local church leadership and Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible Institute. The Registrar is responsible for student records, general correspondence, transcription, finances, etc.

Affiliate Certificates

Each Trinity Bible Institute receives an affiliate certificate that must be displayed in the church office or in the classroom area.


Course Administration and Accreditation Requirements

I. Student Enrollment

All students from Trinity Bible Institute are considered Distance Learning students of Trinity Bible College & Seminary. Students may matriculate coursework and transfer credit into the academic institutions of Trinity Bible College & Seminary for purposes of earning an award or degree. Trinity Bible Institute does not issue awards or degrees.

All students from Trinity Bible Institute must complete an official Trinity Bible College & Seminary Application for Admission, which is acceptable for matriculation at Trinity Bible College & Seminary.