Trinity Bible College & Seminary


Entrance Requirements

For admittance, all students are required to:

1. Fill out an Application to the college and send in a $35 filing fee (non-refundable). *Please send a bust picture with application if you have one: If you don’t have one, thats ok, send in your application and we can get a picture later

2. Write a testimony of your “new birth” in Christ and why you are seeking to attend Trinity Bible College & Seminary.

3. Have a Pastor or Ministry leader send in a letter of reference directly to the college. (If you are a Pastor, have an elder or other ministry leader send in a letter of reference.)

4. Send all of the transcripts that you have in your files, from college courses you have taken. (Initially, you may send your copies of your transcripts, to expedite the processing of your application, but request that the college in question send "official transcripts", too.)

5. If you have ministry experience you want to credit, please request a life experience portfolio

Note: If you have not received a return email from us after giving your email address to us, it could be because your email address has a block to new emails. Please call or email us again if you have not heard from us after your original email.


Additional for Distance Learning Students:

You need to have an email address and be able to type and send all of your assignments by email "attachment".

Approval by the College

We only review completed applications, including references, addresses, email address, answers to all questions, and phone numbers. Please have your Pastor or Ministry leader send a letter of reference, immediately. If you have any college credits that you want to transfer please have those transcripts sent from the college records office.

You will receive an email response from us, when we receive your application by standard mail, within 1-3 days. You will receive official acceptance or denial to the college within 2-4 weeks, unless we have not received your completed package (3 steps above).

Please make sure to list a currently active email, and be careful to print clearly since we will not be able to contact you if we cannot decipher your writing (Note: If we have not contacted you within a week to 10 days it is probably because we cannot read your writing.)

Each student will be given a fair evaluation through their answers on the application, references, testimony, experiences, and desire to attend the college. All answers are confidential, and will be evaluated by our Pastoral staff.

Notice: All prospective students must formally be accepted to the college through written notice. Students or perspective enrollees who are currently leading a life of open or gross sin against God (as outlined in I Cor. 6.9) or who belong to a cult or occult group will not be admitted to the college. A false statement on the application is grounds for dismissal, without credit or refund.